Your journey is unique. Your coaching should be too.

Whether you need to build strength, train for an event, work on a skill or just find balance in your everyday life, we’re here to help. 

Personal Training

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Whether you’re looking to gain strength, improve endurance, work on form or any combination of those things, the TWR training team is here for you. With more than 25 years of combined experience helping clients get incredible results, the TWR personal trainers will learn your story and your struggles, then guide you through a customized training plan to help you reach your goals.

TWR training starts with a consultation with your trainer. Click the button below to set up your consultation!


Skills Coaching


Is there a skill you’re aiming for that just isn’t happening? Muscle-ups, double-unders, pull-ups, handstand pushups or even just better form on the movements you’re doing in class… we’re here to help! Click the button below and tell us about the skills you want to improve!


Corporate Athlete Coaching

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Your corporate job is wearing you down. You used to have energy but your schedule, lack of sleep and all the donuts in the break room have derailed your fitness, your nutrition, your life balance, your motivation. You’re tired, uncomfortable and unable to see how it’s possible to find best self again.

I know EXACTLY what you’re going through because I lived it. My name is Monica and I’m the owner of Together We Rise Fitness. Before I started this business, I used to sit in a cubicle, eating whatever corporate lunch came at me that day. I hated the life I was living and the weight I had gained. What I learned from the journey is that the key is small, attainable steps toward a healthier lifestyle. If you love pizza and I tell you to eat salads from here on out, that won’t go over well. If you don’t currently have a fitness plan and I tell you to hit the gym a minimum of five times per week, you might flip me off. So we set small steps. Attainable goals. Then you’ll see how you can blow your own damn mind.